Best Electric Bicycles 2020

Best Electric Bicycles: Over 30 years, mountain biking has become hugely popular among people of all ages. No matter what’s your age, mountain biking is enjoyed by everyone, but it’s a healthy activity to do.

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, wipes your stress away, and brings inner peace. We have compiled some amazingly six types of mountain bikes to help you pick out the best one. Every mentioned mountain bike is unique in terms of style, weight, and price, as we know what type of mountain bike is best for you!
Check out our list for the best mountain bikes!

Serial No.Product NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
1NCM Prague Electric Mountain BikeSony DSCW800/B
2Eurobike X9 mountain bikeSony DSCW800/B
3Steppenwolf Tundra Hardtail 29er mountain bike Sony DSCW800/B
4Tammaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain BikeSony DSCW800/B
5Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain BikeSony DSCW800/B
6Mongoose Impasse Full-Dual Suspension Mountain BikeSony DSCW800/B

1-NCM Prague Best Electric Bicycles

Best Electric BicyclesThis electric bicycle mountain bike is easy to pedal, dun to handle, and is made with premium parts, which are Shimano derailleurs and also attached with adjustable MTB fork.

This multipurpose electric-assist mountain bike can travel 60 miles on a charge up to 20mph, with a key feature of light-weighted in at a single 55 pounds, plus an electric bicycle motor and other components.

This mountain bike is a perfect piece of art for those who love to paddle up steep, this mountain bike handles well in rough terrains and is an excellent cross-country bike.

Key Features: 

  • Full eclectic optimized Brand NCM
  • Range about up to 60 mile Model Prague
  • Smooth and riding tail Weight 55 pounds
  • MTB FORK, Shimano shifters, and derailleurs
  • It has all the handling attributes of a non-electric bicycle for mountains ride.

  • Light in weight

  • Easy to handle

  • Battery/motor might be cut out

  • Derailleurs might need adjustment

  • Lacking in the lower braze-ons

2- Eurobike X9 mountain bike

Electric BicyclesAre you looking for the best 29er mountain bike which is excellent for beginners as well as further seasoned bikers? Every rider loves this bike because of its specifications: can ride up to six feet, two inches tall and up to 330 pounds.

The key feature has a Shimano derailleur on the front and back with the addition of a Shimano shifter. Various front fork experiences you might behave with this bike; you can lockout front fork for an inflexible ride experience.

Key features:

  • Aluminum frame
  • 21 speeds
  • Double-wall, aluminum wheels
  • Great balance of quality and value


  • Brand Eurobike
  • Model X9
  • Weight 30 Pounds
  • Having a significant control on wheels

  • 85% assembled on arrival

  • Great bike for big riders

  • Straightforward setup details

  • Brakes may be unreliable

  • Set up options unavailable

  • Risk of stretching during shipment

3-Steppenwolf Tundra Hardtail 29er mountain bike

 electric bike 2020These key features of this hardtail mountain bike from Steppenwolf contain a lot of benefits that are going to help you in many ways.

It is light in weight, but still the best option for riding in rough terrain, mountain biking, endure events, and off-road. Due to the short rear end, it provides smoothness as well as agility with a steep steering angle.

Multiple versions are available for Tundra which are Race, Pro, or Team LTD version. There is a variation among speed exists such as Race and Team LTD sub-models have 20-speed SRAM shifting but on the other hand LTD, Pro versions feature a 30-speed Shimano drivetrain. This 29er mountain bike has dual disc brakes that are responsive and firm, and a front fork quickly relaxes out the bumps in the trail.

Key features:

  • Durable still Light-weighted ( 24 pounds)
  • 2-speed options ( 30-20 speeds)
  • Made from Germany
  • Remote lockout
  • Front suspension fork


  • Brand Steppenwolf
  • Model Tundra
  • Weight 24 pounds
  • Framed with carbon fibre

  • Shimano or SRAM drivetrain

  • Very smooth shifting

  • For some riders, the seat may be hard

  • Need adjustment in brakes calipers

  • Narrowed handlebars

4- Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike

electric bikeBest Electric Bicycles: This mountain bike is from the well-known bike Italian brand; it completed made and engineered in the headquarters of the company in Denver, Colorado.

This company is experienced in manufacturing and selling the entire bike ranges, including women’s bike. Tommaso bikes are very lightweight aluminum framed with 100% Shimano components. This bike is having the speed of 24 and Suntour front fork with the capacity of 100mm of travel.

A key feature has hydraulic disc brakes which are useful in controlling power (slowing and stooping). For best control and cornering, a handlebar of 680mm is attached to Gran Sasso. Must be assembled at the shop, there have been issues of crank arms not collected correctly reported.

Key features:

  • Aluminium framed and lightweight
  • Shimano drivetrain with 24-speed
  • It has hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suntour front end fork


  • Brand Tommaso
  • Model Gran Sasso
  • Weight 35.5 pounds
  • It has rugged wheels and grippy tires

  • Brakes Suitable to all weather conditions and terrain

  • A-frame having a lifetime warranty

  • Warranty is only applicable when experts assemble the bike

  • May be crank arms installation problems

  • Tuning might be required after assembling

5- Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

best electric bikeThe iconic American brand, Schwinn manufactures this mountain bike. It has features of a full-suspension frame and suspension fork.

These are helpful in ride out on bumpy trails and city street dents. This mountain bike has dual suspension features as one frame suspension is found in the lower part of the “V” of the frame and second partnered with the tubular front fork.

Mountain Best Electric Bicycles does a great job of transferring your leg power to the mountain bike’s rear-drive.

Shimano EX Fire trigger shifters allow you to shift between 24 gear quickly and smoothly with having the help of Shimano derailleurs. This mountain bike is having an excellent stopping power under all conditions because mechanical disc brakes are attached in front and rear.

This mountain bike is more massive than the most, so its OK to thought according to when buying. If a rider loves to ride thrilled this mountain bike will provide help with 2.25 inch wide knobby tires mounted on extra-wide, doubled alloyed rims that will give a safe ride, yet excited.

Key Features:

  • Full-suspension frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Shimano 24-speed shifters
  • Shimano derailleurs


  • Brand Schwinn
  • Model Traxion
  • Weight 52 pounds

  • Dual-suspension frame smooths out bumps

  • Shifting is easy with Shimano EZ Fire Shifters

  • Lightweight with broad and robust double-wall rims

  • The seat may be uncomfortable

  • Pedal threads may cause issues as they got stripped

  • Heavier in weight for some riders

6- Mongoose Impasse Full-Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

top electric bikeThis Mongoose 29 Stumpjumper mountain bike gives an excellent experience of mountain bike ride at a very economical price.

It is suitable for beginners who just started to find out what mountain biking is about. Key features include a dual-suspension frame plus element suspension fork.

The frame is made from aluminum, so weight is reduced. It has a strong suspension fork to control and handles rough terrain. Shifting is smooth with Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters.

Precaution might be considered while turning because there are only 1.5inches of clearance between the pedal and the front tire.

Key features:

  • Dual-suspension frame made from aluminum
  • Element suspension fork
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • SRAM shifters
  • 21 speeds


  • Brand Mongoose
  • Model Impasse
  • Weight 44 pounds
  • Comfortable dual-suspension frame

  • Element suspension fork provides significant control and handles the bumps

  • Shimano derailleur and SRAM shifters made smooth shifting

  • Tires maybe not the best quality

  • Only 1.5 inches Space available between the front wheel and pedal

  • The bike may be too heavy for some

Hope you like our collections of Best Electric Bicycles.
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