Computer Searches Apple vs Microsoft in United States [Infographics]

Computer Searches Apple vs Microsoft in United States

We have collected some information about the search intent of the people who are searching for Brands on Google. The sample size for this data is 1000 people. We very carefully presented you this information, and we assure you that every single word/ stat of this infographic is 100% correct.

According to data, we get Apple outsreached Microsoft in all 50 states. Apple is an all-time favourite when it comes to search market intent; people tend to search more about the apple as compared to any other brand like Microsoft, IBM etc. It makes apple more potent than any other brand, in all 50 states we have seen that 74% search intent interest is of Apple and only 27% people search about Microsoft.

apple vs microsoft compare and contrast

The top States Searching for Each Brand:

In top US states, we have seen Apple is the winner when we specify states like California and Washington; these two are the most valuable ones. In California, people search Apple the most, so Apple is the clear winner there. In Washington, data shows that Microsoft is the winner. These both top states show us the market segmentation of search engines; Apple dominates in California and Microsoft dominates in Washington. We don’t know the reason for it, but as we said earlier, this is all about the data we are getting from Google Tends. Google claims that its Trend data is up to date, and they know what people are searching, and they do share it with the public.

The People Vote:

In this section, we will share the studies with you that if we gave people free devices, then what was their decision in brand selection. This way we got the real data about the people choice, we came to know that how many people want to use which brand. First we seen data about the people: Who were using Mac and they were offered to have a FREE PC, 15% showed response, 49% said NO we don’t wanna switch to PC from our Beloved MAC, only 35% said yes we wanna switch to PC from MAC if you give us a Free PC.

Then we have seen data about Windows users, when they got a chance to get a FREE MAC, how they responded, 32% said a definite NO that they don’t want to switch to MAC from they Beloved PC having Windows, 15% said we have no YES or NO. while 53% of people said yes we wanna switch to MAC from Windows.

Next, we have seen data about mobile devices as we know mobile devices are more close to the people as they use the most of the time during a day. Mobile devices are more close to everyone; that’s why it was a tough decision for the ones to select a device from a Brand it was more precise data if we compare them with Computer Devices.

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