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Rainy Jackets For Kids
(Last Updated On: February 20, 2020)

Rain Jackets For Kids: Wearing raincoat or trench coat, one feels sexy, and it is the best option to put on in nasty weather conditions as it guards your body against getting wet in drizzling or in acid rain.

In the rainy season when weather changes frequently and becomes cloudy quickly from bright sunny then how good it can be to buy and add a best kids rain jacket so that you and your children can go for shopping in the market without having a fear of getting wet body and clothes as well as with soaked hair due to droplets.

In this fast-growing world where thousands of companies are manufacturing and showcasing the same product, it becomes so much difficult for consumers to make the right choice to avoid regrets in the future.  After reading this article, you would be able to know everything about rain jackets, and we will help you out in buying the right one to save your precious time and headache of search. Also, we will tell you which brand is a good one who makes the best rain jackets for kids.

What actually rain jacket is and what is the best material used in making rain jackets?

According to Wikipedia, a rain jacket, sometimes referred to as slicker or raincoat used to wear to shield our figure from the raindrops. In the old days, it was made of leather, but since the advancement of science and technology has boosted in this century, now new materials have been invented as a substitute of leather such as Gore-Tex, nylons, and polyesters which are more protective, slick, colourful and lightweight.

Types of Rain jackets:

There are many types of raincoats which are widely used throughout the globe, and some countries have their specific long-established designs which are listed below.

  • Waxed jackets
  • Mackintosh, which is made of rubber cloth
  • Mino, which is a conventional raincoat made of straw popular in japan
  • Rain Jackets For Kids
  • Girls rain jacket
  • Driza-Bone. This one is made of oiled cotton, Australia

How does a rain jacket keep us safe from the rain?

Normally rain jackets are made of polytetrafluoroethylene abbreviated as PTFE which has very tiny holes

That they don’t water droplets penetrate inside.

Which raincoats are more waterproof, nylon made, or polyester composed? Or

Water absorption of polyester is not more than 0.4% while nylon draws 4%; therefore, raincoats made of polyester are more water-resistant. Although the quality of the coating on it does play a great role.

Brand NameSize AvailabilityMaterial UsedView On Amazon
ColumbiaAllHydroplus: 100% Nylon; 100% Polyester
The North FaceAll100% Nylon; 100% Polyester
ColumbiaAll100% Nylon;
ColumbiaAllHydroplus: 100% Nylon; 100% Polyester
Jingle BongalaFor 5-12 YOPolyester
Toddler BabyFor 5T -24 months childHigh-quality fabric

#1. Columbia Girl’s Switchback Rain Jacket-No.q Selling Among Rain Jackets For Kids


Product Features:

Rain Jackets For Kids

Below are the salient features of the Columbia brand rain jackets which make them stand out from others.

  • Hydro plus: 100% Nylon; 100% Polyester which are considered good water repellents and in these products both are used.
  • All the imported quality material used in making the product to keep it as per high standards.
  • Zipper closure means that fine quality zip is used for closing the garment.
  • Its fabric is machine washed; therefore, no hassle of hand washing.
  • Guaranteed Waterproof fabric.
  • Elastic cuffs give you an extra edge of ease and do not let driblets penetrates in keeping our arms and forearms dry.
  • Reflective details on adult & kids rain gear are added for identification and safety via offering visibility.
  • A breathable fabric which gives you ultimate comfort.

[i2pc][i2pros]It is the best choice for the people who reside in tropical climate because of its good coverage

It is thin which you can wear in summers too without feeling warm

Due to its lightweight, one can jam or pack it easily in luggage or big size purse[/i2pros][i2cons]Its zipper is exposed, which means that it doesn’t have to cover fabric on it.

It doesn’t have a lining.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Bottom line:

Columbia Girl’s Switchback Rain Jacket is top best-selling raincoat worldwide as per our research. It is really worthy and does its job well according to its price value.

#2. Jingle Bongala Boys Girls Rain Jacket Waterproof Coat Raincoat Hooded Light Windbreaker for Camping Hiking

Following are the characteristics and pros and cons of this waterproof coat raincoat.

Rain Jackets For Kids

Layered Design:-

This item is designed by putting the three layers to give more waterproof effect. First layer Shell covers the four sides, which is made of polyester with elastic functionality. The second or middle layer is TPU, which is another waterproof layer as well as having breathable fabric. The third coating is there of the lining, which is kitted mesh cloth.

Reflection Feature:

This is an add on feature which becomes really useful when moving in the rain and dark for locating your children in the dark when light thunders because this jacket has light reflection bars on it which also functions as a warning function to others.

Waterproofing with Fashion:

Many raincoats come with plain or single-colored design while this product has different designs printed on it, which gives the ultimate fashionable look and enhances the personality of the person.

Almost all weather suitability:

The majority of waterproof jackets are made only in perspective of the rainy season, but this creation is invented intelligently by keeping the view that one can wear it in spring, fall or in early days of winters.

Outdoor usage:

As it is already explained that this creation is designed with discernment so that one can wear it in outdoor activities as well, be one has to go for hiking or climbing on the mountains, or it can even be your running time partner to put on.

[i2pc][i2pros]Not only works as a raincoat but as a windbreaker too.

Nearly all-weather suitability

This Jacket has zip closures on its pockets.

Another little advantage is that it has patchable strips on the cuffs too for tightening the cuffs

Furthermore, this is available in many styles such as Purple star,  Blue arrow, Navy blue, and Violet floral which makes it more fashionable

This is truly waterproof means that it is more than water-resistant.[/i2pros][i2cons]Because it has a mesh lining, so it makes the body heat up if worn in the sunny days of summer

Its zipper isn’t as smooth as it should be.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Bottom line:

Ok. So, it’s a good item to buy if you’re planning to go for outdoor activities without getting worried.

#3. Toddler Baby Boy Girl Duck Raincoat Cute Cartoon Hoodie Zipper Coat Outfittoddler girl rain jacket

Parents always rush to buy raincoats whenever the rainy season arrives because they don’t want their children to get wet and end up catching a cold as well as missing their classes in the meanwhile.

Below mentioned are this jacket’s qualities which it prominent in toddler’s category.

Unique Cartoon Styles:

This outfit’s major feature is that it comes in three different cartoon appearances which are as follows

  1. Dinosaur
  2. Duck
  3. Shark

Among the aforementioned cartoon jackets, you can choose which one is the best suit on your child or whichever your child likes more. Once put on, your child will really look cute and adorable and would start receiving compliments, I bet.

Skin Friendly:

Normally toddlers are blessed with soft and pleasant to touch the skin, and this product is prepared by blending high-quality fabric with polyester in order to make the product softer which will keep the little ones dermis rash free.

Multi-Season Usability:

Unlike many other raincoats, it can be worn spring, winter, and autumn and provides the baby a shield of protection from the wind and driblets too. 

Ease of Wash:

This wearable gives an extra facility to a consumer that it can be washed in both ways, i.e., machine wash or hand wash.

[i2pc][i2pros]Owing thinness, one can stuff it in the backpack easily without possessing much space.

As described above that it isn’t thick therefore it would not heat up the body of the child

Its lining is so soft which makes the kid comfortable

Elastic sleeves make it easy for the baby to operate them[/i2pros][i2cons]It has a plastic zipper instead of a metallic one

It is too thin or see-through.

The beak doesn’t stand and touches the face of the child which looks cute though[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Bottom line:

Looking at its price tag, this outfit is a good choice as it also works for all the seasons

#4. The North Face Kids Boy’s Zipline Rain Jacket (Little Kids/Big Kids)

toddler girl rain jacket

The North Face, a popular brand has also offered to its manufactured Rain Jackets For Kids whose product attributes are listed below.

Material used:

This article is composed of a hundred percent nylon as well as a hundred percent polyester’s mesh lining making it water-resistant in true sense from both inside and outside therefore while walking on the trail in a rainy season it would not let water penetrate through and keeping your body dry.

Usage of Good water repellent technology:

During the manufacturing, this artifact, slippery splash repellent technology,  DryVent™, the coating was applied to yield extraordinary breathability resulting in great comfort.

Garment Details:

This product is equipped with a three-panel hood which is fixed and zipper extending from hem to neck with inner wind flap. However, this coat has long sleeves in the raglan pattern, which end on stretch cuffs. Like every brand applies its log on its every article, this raincoat also has a brand mark placed at the upper left, which is embroidered. It has welt hand pockets in which hands slide in smoothly and has a straight hem. This artifact is composed of 100 % nylon on the outside and 100 % polyester inside, in its mesh lining.

Gear Care:

As per the product description, this article is to be machine washed and can be tumble-dry, which is a quicker and easy task.

[i2pc][i2pros]Zippers run smoothly hence easy to zip them up

Apart from a good look, its lightweight and well-weaved quality make it a good choice.

There are many eye-catching color options available that streetwear lovers will definitely love.

It is made of 100 % nylon while the lining is made up of 100% polyester, which makes it truly waterproof.[/i2pros][i2cons]It is not a slim body rain jacket but has a room for easy movement

The logo and hardware color may vary in styles marked as Prior Season.[/i2cons][/i2pc] 

#5. Columbia Youth Boys Toddler Glennaker Rain Jacket

Type of material:

best kids rain jacket

Material is the key thing that plays a significant role in making a raincoat either waterproof or water-resistant therefore always pay attention to these details while purchasing jackets, and this artifact is made of pure or 100 % nylon which turns this article really waterproof.

Quality of Material:

The second thing to notice after checking the type of material is the “Quality of the material” which many of the customers don’t pay attention to, or if they do, they could not identify that which one is better or best. In the making of this manufactured article imported quality of all the materials was used, be it synthetic material, fabric, or zippers making the outfit a superb one.

Wash Care:

Washing technique is what makes an article to be used for a longer period which the majority of people lack to follow so to use, this outfit for many years one should wash it in the machine and do the tumble dry which is not a tiresome task.


We already explained the difference between the waterproof and water-resistant jackets which you can read about it in the first paragraph if you have missed it accidentally and here we would like to inform you that this apparel is not only water-resistant but waterproof as well.

Elastic Cuffs:

Unlike buttoned cuffs, this gear is offering cuffs with the function of elasticity which outperforms and does the job well of not letting the water inside.

Reflective Details:

In the market, you will come across the raincoats which are mostly plain and do not have the finish of reflective material but this clothing or jacket has prints of reflective details as well which works as a warning function for others by providing the visibility when showered light on it in the dark thus protecting your little one.

Omni Shield feature:

This feature of the artifact is provided to keep you dry and clean because it resists to liquids and doesn’t absorb it and Omni means that it defends the liquid to penetrate from all nook and cranny of the apparel.

[i2pc][i2pros]This outfit has a guaranteed breathable feature as well which keeps us dry and disperse sweating effect

The second main feature of this gear is air permeability which permits precipitation to flee

This gear is not only waterproof but windproof too which used 100 % hydro plus nylon

Its positive quality is that it is equipped with reflective detail, which provides safety.[/i2pros][i2cons]It does not have a lining inside

It is thin and doesn’t provide warmth [/i2cons][/i2pc]

#6. Columbia Youth Girls’ Switchback Rain Jacketbest kids rain jacket

Below is a description of the product.

Substance Used:

As Columbia products use hydro plus substances so in the same way this article is composed of the same hydro plus material, 100 % nylon, and 100 % polyester.

Zipper closure:

Like other raincoats, this comes with zipper closure as well, which extends from the end of the garment to high up till neck.

Wash type:

This garment can be washed in the machine too saving your valuable time.

Waterproof Ability:

As hydro plus nylon is used in the manufacturing of this gear which is a waterproof substance keeping you safe from any type of liquid.

[i2pc][i2pros]This gear is developed with a guaranteed waterproof substance which safeguards you from the downpour

This item is available in many colors and style which gives a fashionable look to your body

Side pockets of this outfit are zippered adding an extra layer of security to your apparel[/i2pros][i2cons]It is thin

Because it is unlined, this does not keep your warm [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Does rain jacket keep you warm or an alternative to a warm jacket?

No, a raincoat is not a substitute for a warm jacket. It is the wrong perception that people out there have.

Are these water-proof jackets are really water-proof as claimed to be?

Yes, water-proof raincoats are really waterproof if the manufacturing brand declares so or they put a label for indication because waterproof slickers are made with high-quality water-resistant chemicals which then are tested before rolling these products to market.

Can one put on a rain jacket when it is not drizzling? Or Can we put on a rain jacket on normal days?

No, we cannot because if we do so, then we will be sweating more than normal on sunny days making us uncomfortable. However, one can opt to wear if someone wants to keep itself safe from snow. It is just a good alternative in this case.

Does a waterproof jacket work as a wind-proof jacket too?

It only does if it is tested for that specific threshold while manufacturing and if its company label claims to.

Should we wash the rain jackets?

Answer to this question is yes, but one must be careful not wash it with ordinary washing soap or detergents because chemicals present in these cleansing agents can damage the formation of fiber it is made of and thus harming and destroying the waterproof finish.

What is the difference between water-resistant and water-proof?

Many people get confused while finding the main difference between these terms and use them interchangeably but the fact that water-resistant jackets have a final coat of Durable  Water Repellent on the outer side which repels the moisture keeps us dry in light snow or rain while water-proof raincoats are sealed more effectively in joint areas.

What makes a rain jacket waterproof?

It is the type of material coated on and a threshold test which it undergoes. Usually, Durable Water Repellent is used on polyester or nylon to make it waterproof.

Final Verdict:

All the product items enlisted above that come under “Top 6 Rainy Jackets For Kids “ are checked carefully and critically by our teammates at Dapper. Reviews. After being satiated and digging out the pros and cons of them, we have labeled them as the best rainy jackets.

You can come across tons of raincoats out there in the market but identifying the best one is really a hard task. Nonetheless, nothing is perfect in this world, so do we human beings. We gathered all the information about each product and then reviewed it critically to deliver to you. The needed information in one place; therefore, we hope that this buying guide will surely help you out in deciding the best rainy raincoats for yourself.

Our Recommendation:

Be notified that we just recommend the best products and do not force anyone to buy so according to our thinking, the gear at No. 04 would be the best choice to make. However, other items are best-selling too, therefore, making the final decision is finally yours own to select from the list we created with hard work.

Well, as you know that summer is formally finished, it means that it is the right time for transition for more workable items of splash repellent. Well, if you lack outfits for days of rainfall, then we would highly suggest you start with raincoats that we curated for you.

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