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(Last Updated On: December 12, 2019)

 The word HDMI is an abbreviation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface which is a proprietary interface for audio and video codecs, and it transmits uncompressed video or compressed or even uncompressed digital form of audio from HDMI supporting devices such as display controller to large screen projector, smart tv or on a laptop screen too. Many people use HDMI cable on different devices according to their need as gaming lovers use it getting the display on gaming consoles or movie lovers use it to get display on their home cinema theatre. However, cable HDMI can be used for connecting different devices at a time using HDMI Splitters.

Are there different kinds of HDMI cable?

With the launch of this cable technology, multiple types or versions have been introduced and deployed. There are five types of cables, including the automobile one which is mentioned following.

Standard Category:

There are three standard HDMI cables which are listed below.

  • Standard HDMI supports up to 1080i as well as 720p
  • Standard HDMI with Ethernet
  • Standard automobile HDMI

High-Speed Category:

There are two high-speed HDMI cables which are listed below.

  • High-speed HDMI which supports 1080p, deep color details, 4K with 30 Hz and 3D too.
  • High Speed with Ethernet.


Premium category:

In 2015, a modern certification was offered to authorize that data rate should be at 18 Gbit/s at the max of HDMI specification version 2.0 which are indexed below.

  • Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable
  • Premium High-Speed Cable With Ethernet

Ultra High-Speed Cable:

In the first month of 2017, another category of cables was invented which is also known as “48 G” and “3rd Category of HDMI Cables”. It was developed to support the highest bandwidth of all the previous ones, which is 48Gbits/s. This HDMI type supports up to 10k at 120 kHz starting from 4K, 5k, and 8k. Another important parameter was kept in mind while designing this cable that it is backward compatible with older HDMI devices with the help of already available HDMI Type A, C, and D.

  • Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable- Also called as 48G Cable which supports 4k, 5k, 8k and 10k at the frequency of 120 Hz

Our HDMI Cables All The Same?

 Majority of people get confused when finding the distinction among the HDMI cable types and they, for a moment, stuck at thinking that whether they should opt for buying the costly premium HDMI types or cheap the ones and some people ask themselves that is it really worth purchasing the pricey best HDMI cable. Let us answer this tough question for you. Our technical experts concluded after studying and experimenting on these types of HDMI cables that there is not any considerable imbalance between the audio and video quality of traditional inexpensive cable types to the premium ones. Therefore if you are going to pick up the high-priced or best HDMI cables instead of reasonably priced ones, then you are making a bad choice because the image and sound quality do not affect that much that can be judged by the naked human eye or on smaller display screens. However, if you have a way bigger screen to watch true Ultra HD content broadcasting from the satellite, then you can prefer the best 4k HDMI cable or even 10k one which supports 120 Hz.

On the other hand, one should make sure that the cable you are buying is compliant to the quality standards of the industry because if they are not up to the criteria, then it definitely will affect the image and sound quality.

 Which HDMI Cables Should You Buy?

There are many factors that can affect your decision while purchasing cable types which are mentioned below.

  1. Picture Quality Factor :

If you are a normal user who is using normal-sized TV or OLED display screens, then you should go for the cheap one. However, if you think that you can enjoy the 3D using standard cables which are supposed to manufacture for transmitting 720p and 1080i signals, then you are sorely mistaken. Another thing that in analog electronics, cable quality does matter but in digital one does not so much.

  1. Imperishability or Durability

 When the ou visits the market to buy a hdm1 cable, you may be a victim of a fraudulent replica of the product with the brand mark on it. Therefore, always buy an original brand item that has a reasonable price instead of picking up counterfeit one because these are made of substandard material and are not as durable as the original one.

3. Budget

      Everyone do the shopping according to their pocket size, so it is your own choice to make that which cable you aspire to buy, but our sincere suggestion is to obtain the cable which has a reasonable price and perform the optimal. Nonetheless, if your budget is high, then you should procure the uneconomical or costly ones.



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