10 Best LED Work Lights 2020

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2020)

Best LED Work Lights: We all know the importance of good lighting. A right lit place not only helps in completing any task in the best possible manner but is also good for the eyesight.

Now the question is which type of lighting is best. Ask the experts and all of them will give the same answer, i.e. LED lights.

LED lights are brighter and efficient than traditional ones. That is the reason behind their spiralling growth across the globe. However, there are still many people who think them to be expensive.

In this article today, we will shed light on the top 10 led work lights in the market. We will be amazed to see how budget-friendly they are.

  1. 1. OTYTY 2 COB 1500LM LED Work Light

best led work lightsThe OTYTY 1500LM work light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is handheld and portable so you can quickly move it from one place to another.

The OTYTY LED work light has 1500 Lumen and is super bright. Despite its brightness, the LED is not heavy on the electricity bill. Instead, it conserves 80% of the energy. There are three modes of brightness to cater to all types of the work environment. You can use the rechargeable cob to select high, low or strobe brightness mode.

The OTYTY is a rechargeable work light and comes with two Lithium-Ion batteries. You can use the USB cable to recharge the light. The best part is that the cable can also charge your mobile phones. The LED light is highly flexible as it is cordless and has a 180-degree adjustable lampstand.

With all these features you can use the LED light for any purpose: be it camping, hiking, picnic or anything else.

  1. 2. Cat CT1000 Magnetic LED Light

best led work lightsThat CT1000 is an elegantly designed portable LED work Light that easily fits into your pocket. Most LED lights of this size are not convenient to use as you always have to hold it in your hand.

But not this one!

The CT1000 magnetic light has a rear pocket clip and magnetic base which makes it easy to mount it on a metal object. Hence you need not hold it in your hands all the time.

The body of LED light is made of water-resistant thermoplastic, and the casing is of plastic and rubber. This structure makes the light highly durable.

The light uses COB technology for bright light (150 Lumens) which is surprising considering the small size. Due to its portability and the magnetic feature, these are one of the best work lights for mechanics.

  1. 3. Hallomall Outdoor Camping Light

best led work lightsThis product is designed to provide you versatility as well as sheer power. It has high-quality Lithium batteries with 15W 24 LED super bright LED lights. These batteries can be recharged via two USB ports. The best part is that you can use the ports for charging mobile phones as well.  There are also two red and two blue flashing lights which are helpful for roadside emergency cases. Another exciting feature is the 360-degree rotating spotlights. Now you can rotate the lights at any angle as per your convenience.



  1. 4. Tacklife 5000LM LED Work Light

best led work lightsThe Tacklife 5000LM is one of the best designed LED work lights on our list. They have Aluminum casing, and the back is black painted. That displaces heat which extends the lifespan of the device. The lamp beads and the circuit are of high quality.

Despite its strength, the LED light weighs a mere 2.4 kg which makes it easy to move from one place to another. With 5000 Lumens to illuminate and 100 new generation LED lights, the Tacklife 5000LM is one of the brightest out there in the market. Even better, you can rotate the lights at 120 or 270 degrees. Therefore, you can use them at any angle as per your convenience.

Whether you need them for mechanical work, at construction sites or for outdoor camping, the Tacklife 5000LM is one of the best work light out there in the market.

  1. 5. DEWALT DCL079B LED Work Light 

best led work lights reviewsAre you looking for LED work light that functions smoothly in the toughest of conditions?

If your answer is yes, then the Dewalt DCL079B is the tool you might want to try. It has a slew of features to help you work comfortably in all kinds of work environments.

A strong LED shroud gives protection to the light head. A rare to find feature is the customised brightness option. The 3000 Lumens light are enough for even the darkest of conditions. The Dewalt DCL079B comes with a telescoping pole that you can use to adjust the height up to 7 feet.

With a runtime of over 11 hours, you can use the rechargeable work light for an extended period. Also, the light has a steel finish and cooling system, which prevents damage from overheating and makes them durable.

  1. 6. Ustellar 5500LM LED Work Light

best led work lights reviewsThe Ustellar 5500LM is one of the best-LED floodlights in our list. With 5500 Lumens, it is bright enough to use at most workplaces. Even more, you can adjust the brightness level from 28W to 55W using a switch. Despite its high brightness, the LED is energy efficient and consumes up to 80% less energy compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

The 5M cord length can be used to recharge the work lights effortlessly. The light is waterproof so you can use it humid conditions as well without any hassle. The adjustable angle knobs allow for easy tilting. Hence you can adjust the lights at any desirable angle.

The best part of the light is its cooling system. A fin-type heat sink dissipates heat which prevents the light from overheating. This feature adds to the durability of the lights.

  1. 7. DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light

led work lights reviewsThe Dewalt DCL050 portable LED light has a slew of features to give you the highest level of convenience.

It is elegantly designed and is compact sized. Therefore, the light comfortably fits into your hand. With a 140 degree pivoting head, you can rotate it as per the work requirements. There is also a 360-degree rotating hook. Resultantly, you can even hang the lights at the job site.

The Dewalt DCL050 work light comes with three bright LED with two brightness settings. As such, it is one of the best work light for mechanics who often need to see in small spaces. Despite having high brightness, the lights have a long run time. An over-moulded lens cover makes the work light highly durable.

  1. 8. Bosch FL12 LED Cordless Work Light

led work lights reviewsThe Bosch FL12 is designed for professionals who need intense lightning without compromising on the durability of the product. It has, rare to find; ten high intensity LED lights to provide you with maximum brightness. A 1/4 inch screw thread, nail hook and a carabiner clip can be used to hang the device.  There are even two strong magnets to stick the LED work light to a metal object. I can safely call the Bosch FL12 one of the brightest handheld spotlights.

What is surprising is the long battery life despite the unrivalled brightness levels. The Bosch masterpiece offers up to 12 hours of runtime with a 4.0 Ah battery. Not only that, you can extend the runtime by using a dimmer brightness level.

  1. 9. Warsun Portable Rechargeable Work Light

led work lights reviewsThe Warsun rechargeable LED work light is a multipurpose all in one device. It is of great use for indoor, fishing, a roadside emergency, camping, car repair and hunting among others. The wide range of usage is due to its portability and long battery life. The LED work light comes with two rechargeable 1800 mAh batteries and a USB port. You can use the port to charge mobile and other devices when you are on the go.

The structure, the LED light is made of Aluminum Alloy, which makes it sturdy and durable. There is a built-in strong magnet which can be used to attach the light to a metal body. Also, there is a hook which you can use to hang the light. Now there won’t be any hassle of carrying the lights every time.

The Wars light has three modes of brightness which you can use to adjust the light to different work conditions. You have high, medium and low brightness. These options are available at the push of a button. At it’s highest level, the light is of 1200 Lumens.

  1. 10. PowerSmith PWL110S LED Work Light

best led work lights reviewsPowersmith never fails to amaze us, and this new LED work light is also beyond our expectations. The Powersmith PWL110S is indeed a powerhouse. It delivers 1080 Lumens in 5000K brightness. If you think this super brightness will be a burden on your pockets, then you are wrong. The LED light is five times more efficient than halogen lamps.

The exciting part is that the bulbs are designed in a way that doesn’t require replacing. With a 360-degree tilting head, you can adjust the lights at any desired angle and enjoy your work. The LED work light has a slew of options to make it perfect for outdoor usage. It is all weatherproof so can be used throughout the year. The stand is metal welded so you can use it on the rugged landscape as well with utmost convenience. Along with the stand, there is a large hook as well.

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