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Best Above Ground Pool
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2020)

Best Above Ground Pool: Do you wish to have a fancy swimming pool in your backyard but you are unable to afford it? Then you are in the right place because we have got an amazing alternative to fulfill your desire.

Swimming pools are loved by children and adults alike, and everyone wants to chill in a pool on a hot summer day. However, it is often not easy for all to build a swimming pool in their house.

Some do not have the required space, while others find it difficult to manage the expense of manufacture. But you don’t need to worry, because we bring to you this guide about best above ground pools which can be an easy solution to your problem.

The above-ground pools are typically designed for the people who cannot afford an in-ground pool. These stylish above-ground pools provide similar advantages as that of their counterparts but are comparatively reasonable and inexpensive.

You can cherish a soothing time with your kids in these pools, which will be equally relishing like the in-ground swimming pools.

It will not only save you several bucks but will also consume less time and effort, unlike the construction of an in-ground pool. This guide will certainly enhance your knowledge about the perks of an above-ground pool.


It is surely a headache to choose the best above ground pool for your house when there are hundreds of options available in the market.

Therefore, we bring to you a list of some outclass above ground pools, with their details and specifications, which makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable option.

So, let’s dive into this list of some impeccable above ground pools to find out which of these will find a way to your house. Have a look:

1. Intex Ultra Frame 32″ x 16″ x 52″ Rectangular Pool Set:

Best Above Ground PoolThis 32″ x 16″ x 52″ Intex Ultra can be a perfect above-ground pool for your house. It has some amazing features that make it a preferable choice for enjoying in a swimming pool.

This 534-pounds rectangular pool has a sturdy frame and resilient structure. It has a powerful filtration pump with an efficient hydro-aeration system that ensures timely water circulation and purification management. It comprises of a crystal clear 2,800 GPH 110-120V sand pump for better functionality.

This aesthetically designed pool takes about 90 minutes for filling and can be filled up to 90% with 14,364 gallons. Moreover, it is designed in a user-friendly manner for which it includes an easy lock mechanism and removable ladder. In addition, the ultimate finishing with powder coating enables it to remain corrosion-free for a very long time. This accommodative pool can be suitable for an option for chilling with your kids.

Product Specifications:

  • The total weight (when empty): 534 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 32″ x 16″ x 52″.
  • Filter pump with a hydro ventilation system.
  • Total filling time: 90 minutes.
  • Water capacity (at 90%): 14,364 gallons.
  • Transparent sand pump with 2,800 GPH & 110-120V.
  • Durable structure and frame.
  • Puncture resilient manufacture.
  • Convenient lock/unlock procedure.
  • Excessive water clarity.
  • Detachable stepladder.
  • Better-quality purification & circulation mechanism.

2. Cornelius Above Ground Pool Kit with 18″ x 52″:

Best Above Ground PoolsThis spacious Cornelius is one of the best above ground swimming pools that can serve your desires of relaxing in a pool during summers.

It is an 18 x 4.3 ft. capacious pool with a 255 pounds total weight and 18 ft. pool liner. You will not only fall in love with its design but will also adore its efficient working with 0.5 horsepower motor.

It is designed quite ergonomically with an uncomplicated assembling mechanism. It comprises an A-frame stepladder which increases the feasibility of using it whereas the pumping ability of the pool filter is up to 2,400 gallons.

Moreover, this Cornelius Above Ground pool, made of tough steel material, has a unique and durable debris trap which further adds to its functionality.

So, now you can enjoy awesome pool parties with your friends and family members within your home.

Product Specifications:

  • Total weight: 255 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 18 x 4.3 ft.
  • 18 ft. pool liner.
  • Filter pumping ability: 2,400 gallons.
  • 5 HP powerful motor.
  • A-frame pool-ladder.
  • Convenient assembling.
  • Easy-to-use and spacious.
  • Finest and durable debris set-up.
  • Sturdy steel construction.

3. Intex Easy Pool Set 15″ x 48″ with a Pool Cover:

Best Above Ground PoolWith a total weight of just 95 pounds, this Intex Easy Pool set comes with some exceptional features. This swimming pool can be easily adjusted in your backyard or garage for an amazing swimming experience.

The high-power filter pump of 1,000 GPH & 110-120V can retain a long-time efficiency of this pool. This 36″-48″ high Intex pool comes with an improved water circulation system which keeps the water totally clear and pure.

This above-ground pool has a great water capacity and it takes around 3,736 gallons to fill it up to 80%. Moreover, its sturdy manufacture and highly resistant sidewalls keep it intact for long.

Plus, it comes with a cover which protects your pool from all kind of dirt and impurities, while you are not using it. The water drainage system of this pool is also quite appreciable. Well, this seamlessly constructed Intex pool has all the essentials to become your best choice.

Product Specifications:

  • Total weight: 95 pounds.
  • Superior filtration pump with 1,000 GPH & 110-120V.
  • 80% filled with 3,736 gallons.
  • Total pool height: 36″-48″.
  • High-quality water circulation system.
  • Wonderful water clarity.
  • Resistant sidewall and tough structure.
  • Efficient drainage mechanism.
  • Great water-carrying capacity.

4. Intex Ultra XTR 18″ x 52″ Pool Set with Ladder and Cover:

intex above ground poolsHere is yet another amazing above ground pool by Intex which has all the best elements that you desire. This 18″ x 52″ Intex Ultra XTR enables you to spend some quality fun time in cool water with your friends.

This 279 pounds heavy above ground pool is a complete set, comprising of a cover and ladder too, which increase its user-friendliness.

The more peculiar features of this swimming pool include a 110-120V filter pump and a 2,100 GPH water flow rate. With around 6,981 gallons, you can fill 90% of this pool and can enjoy swimming with your family members.

That is not all, this Intex XTR pool not only consists of a convenient installation system but also ensures the 2-year warranty on its frame and parts. This above ground pool is ideal for domestic use and is preferable for the adults and kids, alike.

Product Specifications:

  • Total weight: 279 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 18″ x 52″.
  • 110-120V quality filtration pump.
  • 2,100 GPH water flow speed.
  • 90% filled with 6,981 gallons.
  • 2-year warranty time.
  • Convenient installation system.
  • Preferable for kids too.

5. Summer Waves 16″ x 48″ Elite Wicker Print Pool Set:

Summer Waves above ground poolsYou can now bid farewell to heat with this smartly designed Summer Waves above ground pool which is capacious enough to accommodate tens of people at a time. The 16″ x 48″ pool can contain around 5,246 gallons of water quite easily, which is an amazing factor.

In addition, with an SFX1500 superior quality filtration pump with 1,500 gallons, it ensures that the water stays pure and clear for a long time.

The solid structure of this pool not only protects it from any damage but it also makes this pool highly weather resistant. So, you can stay carefree as this pool can avoid corrosion for a very long time.

Moreover, this seamlessly constructed pool also includes a maintenance kit, so in case of any damage, you will not have to run here and there for the pool’s accessories and spare parts. These classic features surely increase the perks of this incredible Summer Waves pool set.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16″ x 48″.
  • 5,246 gallons of water capacity.
  • SFX1500 quality filter pump.
  • 1,500 gallons for filtration pump.
  • Long-lasting robust construction.
  • An additional maintenance kit is available.
  • Tolerant for extreme weather conditions.

6. Bestway 157″ x 83″ x 32″ Steel Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool:

Bestway above ground poolsThis 79 pounds light-weight Bestway Steel Pro pool is not only easy-to-handle but also made up of some advanced features. The total size of this pool is 157″ x 83″ x 32″ which has perfect space for you, your kids and your pets. It is not only a durable manufactured pool but is also quite safe for your kids.

The anti-corrosive construction of this pool keeps it unperturbed and intact for a long time. In addition, it is quite easy to assemble this flawlessly designed pool as it is made in a user-friendly manner and includes toolset for installation. The liners for this pool are made with a high-quality polyester net which enhances its stability.

The pool requires just 1,506 gallons of water to be filled around 90%. So, now you can have seamless joy by arranging pool parties in your house.

Product Specifications:

  • Total weight: 79 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 157″ x 83″ x 32″.
  • 90% filled with 1,506 gallons.
  • Uncomplicated assembling/disassembling.
  • Anti-rusting frame manufacture.
  • Easy installation method without tools.


What is Above Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool is an alternative pool set designed for the people who cannot afford an in-ground pool in their house. It is a uniquely designed pool structure that is available in different shapes and is made from different materials, like steel or polymer, etc.

You can simply install this pool in your house by using PVC membranes, which are waterproof and intended to hold the water easily by overlaying the floor and walls.

History and Innovation of Above Ground Pool:

The history of above ground pools can be traced back to the early 1920s-30s. Although, during that time it was very unusual to own a pool and it was only affordable for people with rich family backgrounds, like royal families or celebrities.

This led the pool manufacturers to the idea of developing some alternative for in-ground pools, which would not only be comparatively inexpensive but also more handy and efficient.

Early Developments:

Initially, the above-ground pools were constructed by using wooden barrels along with metal struts. The pools built in this way were, although, practical but they were not very proficient. Therefore, the developers continued experimenting with the designs of the above ground pools.

With the growth in technology, multiple new models of the above ground pool were created but all those models, along with the in-ground pools, had one major issue: the water circulation mechanism. At that time, people had to change the water manually for keeping it fresh and disease-free, which was quite hectic.

Further Improvements:

The problem of water circulation kept the pool manufacturers on the track of developing new designs and methods. However, it was only around 1958, when the creation of systemized water circulation ways, like filters and pumps, came into being.

Ever since, this industry has managed to develop hundreds of outclassing above ground pools with more latest designs, multiple shapes, sturdy materials, and advanced safety systems, and it continues to bring new innovations with every new day.

Types of Above Ground Pools:

Well, the list of these pool types can surge up to a hundred numbers if we classify according to the variety of specifications and features. However, the above-ground pools can be broadly categorized into the following types the rest can be counted as the sub-categories of these. So, have a look:

  • Optimum Pools:

Optimum pools, as the name suggests, are designed to adjust within any type of yard or lawn. These pools are quite flexible and accommodative along with being handy and portable. So, you do not have to pay a lot of attention to the land type or terrain while selecting any of the optimum pool models.

  • Steel Pools:

These pools are designed in a sturdy manner with a solid structure and tough materials. In addition to steel, multiple other materials, like zinc, aluminum or galvanized steel, etc., are used for the construction of different parts of such pools. These pools are quite smooth and can be bent easily, which makes them ideal for high floors.

  • Hybrid Pool:

The hybrid pools are constructed by combining two or more products or materials to create a version that may be more stable, durable, resilient and corrosion-free, in comparison to the others. Usually, hybrid pools are manufactured by combining steel and resin pools, both of which are quite sturdy and tough.

  • Resin Pools:

The structure of these resin pools, also known as saltwater pools, is usually made from plastic, except the walls. They can be considered as a more advanced, modern and trendy version of the above-ground pools. Resin pools are anti-rust and, they remain corrosion-free for a long time.

So, with this comprehensive guide on the best above ground pools, you will now surely have substantial knowledge about the types, designs, history, and benefits of the above-ground pools. Now, you can easily choose an above ground pool which can be the most appropriate choice for your house. So, select your favorite pool quickly and enjoy refreshing pool time with your family and friends during summers.

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